Official Smogon Tournament XIX - Round 1-B

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Activity Win Request: I attempted to schedule a match with momsinlabor 8 days ago, but I have not recieved a reply yet, and it will be difficult for me to battle this weekend.


Requesting an activity win.

Been trying to schedule for a week. Opponent has not only not responded to my PM or bump, but hasn't even been seen online since signing up. I am at this point too busy to comfortably schedule a match before the deadline. Screenshots below

ost fail.png

ost fail2.png


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Activity Win Request
calling act, tried scheduling w/ oppo on 23rd January but they haven't responded, nor been on smogon since 14th january
calling act. my opponent has not responded to the message on their wall and has not been online in nearly 2 weeks


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calling act on battlecrayon. they havent responded to my scheduling attempts, check their wall
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